Services offered by RV & BEP

As a Corporate Service Provider, we are licensed to provide a full range of services such as:

  • Company Formation & Administration
  • Registered Agent and Registered Office Facilities
  • Provision of Directors, Secretary & Nominee Shareholding
  • Book-keeping & Maintenance of Accounting Records
  • Opening of Bank Accounts & Bank Signatory Services

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Types of Seychelles Companies

Seychelles has two types of companies namely International Business Company (IBC) and Company Special License (CSL).

Seychelles International Business Company

Seychelles operates one of the fastest IBC Registers in the world. Efficient systems and highly motivated individuals facilitate the swift engagement of this dynamic legal vehicle. Same-day incorporation and efficient business operators. An IBC is most often used to hold cash in bank accounts, personal assets, property and last but not least, to operate personal business.

Characteristics of a Seychelles IBC company are as follows:

  • Competitive license fees
  • Directors may be elected at the first company board meeting
  • No minimum capital stipulation
  • Minimum one director and shareholder
  • All civil proceedings in respect of IBCs may be heard by a judge in Chamber
  • No audited account is required to be filed with the regulators

Seychelles Company Special License

A Seychelles Company Special License (most commonly known as a CSL) is a domestic Company incorporated in the Seychelles and licensed by the Financial Services Authority to conduct certain permitted business outside the Seychelles while having a physical office in the Seychelles.

Other Characteristics of a Seychelles Company Special License are as follows:

  • Corporate tax is limited to 1.5% on its worldwide income
  • No stamp duty
  • No withholding of tax on dividends and royalties
  • Minimum 2 shareholders, which can be individuals
  • Accounts should be audited and filed with the regulators


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